Shrink Sleeve

Shrink Sleeve Labels give you the opportunity to use full body, 360-degree graphics to show off your brand and highlight your
unique selling points. This can make all the difference in helping your brand stand out from the rest of your competition on product shelves.

We specialize in printing shrink sleeve labels with the newest state-of-the-art HP Indigo digital technology and the latest and greatest seaming and inspection equipment available.  

There are many benefits to using our Shrink Sleeve Labels:

Lead Time is 3X faster than printed cans
24 Hour Proofs

Metallic Inks
Fluorescent & Invisible Inks
Premium White Inks
Mosaic & Collage Printing
True Variable Printing
Matte, Gloss or Tactile Varnishes

HP Indigo High Definition Printing
Up to 7 Color Digital Process
Color Consistency and Repeatability
No Die/Plate Charges

Larger Area to Catch the Consumer’s Attention
Stronger Consumer Emotional Connection over traditional labels

Aluminum Cans can have Perforated Sleeves for Easy Removal
PET Plastic Containers with PET Sleeves can be 100% Recyclable
Sustainable Packaging Trends Continue to Evolve

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Shrink Wrapped Can

Common Shrink Material

Shrink sleeving is a heat activated conforming label product.  It is widely used to attain 360 degree full container coverage without direct container printing.  This

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