Visual Impact

We work with many businesses from small to large. In serving these businesses and their brand, we are spending more and more time explaining the value of unique materials, decorations, printing and converting processes for pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve labels and why a slight increase in a package cost may yield many times the return on investment in the sale of their product.

Today we have the ability to mix and match materials: decorations of foil, spot varnishes, tactile varnishes, soft-touch varnishes and laminates, as well as ink: metallic, fluorescent and a full range of colors to bring innovation, and product appeal to our clients’ packaging. The concept of mass personalization or mass customization are readily available and yield enormous impact to a shrink sleeve or pressure sensitive label.

In addition, the development in material substrates and adhesives to expand recycling opportunities or performance improvement can provide brand owners great flexibility and innovative package designs to engage the consumer. Adhesive repositionability on a product bottle or reseal performance for multi-serve packages from food and cleaning supplies to any part you can image are available now and help ease of use for consumers and extend product freshness or product life.

As the numbers of SKUs in a store continue to grow rapidly, consider these types of materials, decorations or enhancement to increase your products sales.

Contact us if you are interested in samples or pricing on these emerging technologies in product marking and labeling.


4th of July Promo

Let’s start the second half of 2020 on a good note!  Now through July 10th, 2020, our group is offering new brewery and spirits customers $150 off of their first order.  Minimum order or 5,000 labels.

Contact us via phone at 262-820-8123 or email.  You can also request a quote or samples here.



Looking to change up your printed labels?  With our collage feature, you can choose what image elements you want to display randomly across your artwork, and our software will make up to 20 unique label patterns.  This software allows us to control variables like repetition, rotation, size, overlap and spacing between elements.

You can go from subtle like this example by Raised Grain Brewing all the way to extreme by using different colors and dissimilar elements.

Find out more information about collage printing and other cool features by contacting us at the Lauterbach Group, or calling us directly at 262-820-8100.


Holographic Foil

Our Group works closely with our suppliers to develop creative ways to improve or add unique decoration enhancements for our clients. Over the years, we have worked closely with ITW Foils on many projects and with great success. Over the past few months, we have worked with ITW Foils on a line of holographic foils that can bring eye catching differentiation to a product label and doing so with great value. We are excited to present this technology to our clients.

Please take a look and if you need more information, please contact us at or 262-820-8100.


Craft Beer Marketing Awards

Craft Brew Labels powered by Lauterbach Group is proud to be sponsoring the Craft Beer Marketing Awards for 2020.

The CBMAs were developed to recognize and award the very best marketing in the brewing industry across the USA. Breweries, their agencies, artists and marketing partners are invited to enter their top work. The 2020 CBMAs include over 30 categories that recognize all aspects of beer marketing.

Our own Brian Berndt will be judging the category of Best Can Design / 16oz, 19.2oz Can 2, winners to be announced on or after June 16, 2020.


Riggs Beer Company

Craft Brew Labels powered by Lauterbach Group is proud to introduce our newest pressure sensitive label brewery client, Riggs Beer Company.

Riggs is a family farm owned brewery in Urbana, IL. In June 2016, they opened their doors to the public. They focus on brewing German and American style beer, with an emphasis on lager beer. We are pleased to be printing their 16oz craft beer can labels for American Lager and Hefeweizen on our state-of-the-art HP digital press. These wonderfully designed labels incorporate their story and feature the latest digital print technology, matte finish and pressure sensitive adhesive.

Visit Riggs Beer Company at or check them out on Facebook, for more information on the Brewery.

For more information about printed labels or shrink sleeves on your product, contact us at Lauterbach Group.


Spot Varnish

A spot varnish is a special effect that puts varnish only on specific areas of a printed piece. Use spot varnish to make specific areas pop off the label or to create texture.

In this example below from Raised Grain Brewing Company, each individual bubble in this label is spot varnished and has a soft touch textured feel to it.  The label is printed on pressure sensitive foil to also give reflective dimension.

Find out more about our label options by contacting us!


Raised Grain Brewing

Craft Brew Labels powered by Lauterbach Group is proud to be Raised Grain Brewery’s label producer. These beautiful designed labels feature the latest HP digital print technology, matte finish and pressure sensitive adhesive.

Located in Waukesha WI, Boldly Brewed Beer is the driving force behind everything that their Brewers create. Every beer is uniquely different as each label always has a story to tell. From their most popular Naked Threesome IPA to their newly released Hard Seltzer, Raised Grain is always keeping their customers on their toes.

Visit Raised Grain Brewing at or check them out on their highly active social media pages.


For more information about printed labels or shrink sleeves on your product, contact us at Lauterbach Group.


COVID-19 Update 3/31/20

We are here to serve your needs! With the impact of COVID-19, the supply chain is seeing unprecedented material demand, in some cases, double the weekly requirements. This impact is being caused by a huge demand for consumer staples such as water, hand sanitizer, and household cleaning supplies. This surging demand is stretching lead-times and in curtain materials, creating product allocations.

We are working daily with our material suppliers to minimize the impact of these longer lead-times and material allocations on our clients. It is important that everyone understand integration, time, and communication through the entire supply chain is critical to minimizing supply disruption.

We understand, and we are committed to supporting and helping our employees and clients, as we move through this emergency. We know we all will get through this. Please remember:

• We produce our produces domestically and use domestic suppliers and have daily conversations with these suppliers.
• Our sales and service representatives are available to help you and can be reached via phone, email, instant messaging, or online video conferencing (Skype, Zoom or Go-To-Meeting).
• We are also able to serve your needs anytime online through our MASCLabels Store.

We continue to take precautions seriously to slow down the spread of COVID-19. The well-being of our employees is critical to us. To respect them, our clients, suppliers, and community we are taking the following measures to uphold a healthy, safe, and considerate environment:

• We maintain the highest of cleaning and personal hygiene standards to keep our facilities sanitary, continuing our focus on food safety and focusing on the guidelines issued from Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We’ve increased our cleaning protocols in frequency and sanitization throughout our facility.
• Employees in our non-manufacturing environments are working virtually, and employees in manufacturing and distribution are practicing safe measures to avoid contamination.
• We are conducting virtual meetings and phone regularly.
• We have banned all business travel for the foreseeable future.
• Visitors and non-essential personnel are prohibited from entering our facility, including logistics.
• We have altered and extended our attendance policy and benefits to allow employees to recover from novel Coronavirus-related sickness and take care of loved ones.

As this situation is constantly changing, we will continue to follow the recommendations of trusted sources and keep you updated on any developments.

Our thoughts are with all of those who have been affected by the virus. Our Group, is committed to safety and service to our employees, clients, and community. Be safe and be strong; we all will get through this!



COVID-19 Update 3/23/20

Lauterbach Group, Inc. received word today that the State of Wisconsin has issued a Stay-At-Home order. We, of course, recognize the importance of this declaration and we put the health and well-being of our employees and their families above all else. With that said, our product lines do support “essential services” as they are used in the transportation, food, and medical industries. We are here to serve you as our client and the products you produce to the market. We activated our disaster recovery plan last week and will continue to operate within that plan.

  1. Our existing office staff has already adapted and is working from home.
  2. Our sales and service employees are conducting virtual meetings and phone regularly; we are available via phone, email, instant message, and the likes of Skype.
  3. Our production staff is in full operation to support the need for food, transportation, and medical products needed in the market.
    1. We will continue in full production operation.
    2. We maintain the highest of cleaning and personal hygiene standards to keep our facilities sanitary.
    3. Visitors and non-essential personnel are prohibited from entering our facility, including logistics.
  4. Please understand that we are here; materials are available; but, the supply chain is stressed.
  5. We have an integrated ERP system within our company and with our suppliers to manage information and need.

We have to help the supply chain understand needs so the they can support rather than react. We will get through this with continuous integration with our clients and with our suppliers, which is critical to supporting the total market.


Shane Lauterbach
Lauterbach Group, Inc.